Olidata IT

Olidata has finalized a commercial partnership agreement with MEDION AG, a leading German company in the consumer electronics sector, developing and selling multimedia products as notebook, PC, monitor, smartphone and tablet and providing digital services.

Founded in Essen in 1983, operating primarily in Europe and in the Pacific-Asian region MEDION is listed on the German stock exchange (“General Standard”) since 20 June 2012.

The new collaboration provides an exclusive License agreement for MEDION to design, produce and distribute multimedia products under the brand OLIDATA IT in Italy, Europe and South America, with accordingly a Royalty Agreement between the parties.

The two companies will collaborate in the development of projects in the IoT, automotive and cybersecurity sectors, where Olidata is focus on building one of the top IoT platform in Europe.

The End Users of Olidata IT can contact the Customer Support at the number below:

Phone (Fix phone-number in Italy): 02 36000340

Business Hours: Mo-Fr: 09:00-17:00

OlidataIT –  CO1310-I164FIIT