The ”Playbook” designed by Olidata aims at creating a unique community of world class IoT entrepreneurs. By reverse-merging their companies into Olidata, shareholders, founders and visionary leaders have an unprecedented opportunity to   strengthen their entrepreneurial drive by unlocking new growth opportunities, scaling up their business, paving the road towards higher market capitalization, revenue streams, margins and EBIDTA, while keeping a tight financial discipline in terms of cost cutting and managerial control.

We follow a few simple rules

1. Data Interoperability and Cyber Security represent the two pillars of value creation with respect to each and every single acquisition target.

2. The focus is on B2B targets, within a few, selective verticals across the IoT competitive marketspace.

3. Acquisition targets are identified on the basis of reaching the critical mass to become the #1 or #2 player in Europe in each industry vertical within the Olidata portfolio of companies

4. Integration of hardware (e.g. networks, devices, sensors…) and services (e.g. monitoring, control, data storage and intelligence analytics…) to provide pay-per-use solutions.

5. Focusing on High-Growth/High Margins acquisitions, targets to preserve an EBIDTA above industry average.