In April 2018, Olidata has appointed a new Board of Directors, as a further step to implement its renovation campaign. To empower its strategy and vision, Olidata created a Strategic Board and an Innovation Board.

The Strategic Board is composed by experienced executives and entrepreneurs that will shape and drive the vision of Olidata to create a new asset class in the IoT space.

The Innovation Board is the home of  talented technology visionary leaders that will help Olidata to be at the leading edge of this new wave of innovation, identifying the emerging trends, evaluating the most promising targets and creating a unique academic global network.

Board of Directors

   Riccardo Tassi, Chairman

After 18 years working in primary financial institutions, Riccardo Tassi continued his professional life with his own company, Le Fonti, focused in real estate and tourism businesses. In 2014 Riccardo decided to invest in Olidata becoming the main shareholder and contributing with his personal commitment and dedication to restructure the company.

   Jean Claude Martinez, Independent Director

Jean Claude Martinez is a member of the Advisory Board of Octonion, Chairman and CEO of Commprove. Former Board Member, CEO and COO at Esmertec AG, COO at Esmertec K.K, Jean Claude served as the President of Esmertec’s Mobile Operator Division and as President at Cellicium.

   Umberto Rapetto, Independent Director

Umberto Rapetto is the CEO of HKAO, a think tank focused on security issues. Former General of ‘Guardia di Finanza’ and Chief of the Italian Cyber Force, Umberto is leading authority and contributor with his articles about security, to the main media outlets. Umberto is a writer and a prominent expert in the field of cyber security and cyber fraud. Umberto served as Senior Vice President of Telecom Italia.

  Maria Pia Aqueveque, Independent Director

Maria Pia Aqueveque is an economist and international blockchain speaker specialized in corporate strategy & finance advisory. Representative for Hispanic America of the Blockchain Research Institute. More than sixteen years of expertise in technical studies and international consulting. Wide experience in executive coordination and planning of projects in academic, public, and private initiatives aimed at specific objectives. Management career in academic programs and high leveled forums in different countries of the region. High capacity of alliance-­oriented networking with relevant actors aimed at specific projects and results. Teamwork and multidisciplinary and intercultural group-­oriented skills. Excellent writing and editing of technical and politically sensitive documents. Good communicator and great capacity of summary. High result-­oriented adaptability and autonomy

Strategic Board

Mauro Calvi

Mauro Calvi is Business Development Advisor, Qubole Inc. and Founder and CEO, sQuidd.io. Mauro has founded successful startups, led Telecom Italia Ventures. Mauro has been former VP of Global Alliances and Channel, Engine Yard and Co-founder and CEO, Clearfly Communications. Mauro, as Microsoft Product Executive, led the international product management efforts for the original Microsoft Network (MSN), planning and supervising the global launch of the service in 20 countries.

Francis Quinn Ph. D

Director Sustainability Technologies – Workiva , Francis Quinn served as former Chief Sustainability Officer and former Dept. of Mergers and Acquisitions in L’Oreal Group. In this role Francis has been responsible for all aspects of the due diligence and integration of The Body Shop into L’Oreal Group in the areas of R&D, Regulatory Affairs, Product Safety, EHS and supply chain, including Fair Trade.

Richard Gaul

Owner Zehle-Gaul Communication. Richard Gaul served as Senior Vice President  Corporate Affairs BMW AG, Munich with responsibility for worldwide communication and lobbying of the BMW Group. Richard is Senior Counselor American Academy Berlin; Member of Senate acatech –German Academy for Engineering and Technology; Member of Senate BAW Bundesverband Wirtschaftsförderung und Außenwirtschaft; Owner of SHG-Sonderfahrzeugbau GmbH; Partner 1Future international; Chairman Industrieclub Potsdam; Member of the Public Affairs Committee of the German Association of PR.

Claudio De Marco

Claudio De Marco served as CEO of Eni International BV and Chief Financial Officer at South Stream Transport B.V. Claudio served as Director of Administration, Finance and Control and Chief Financial Officer for Snam S.p.A. Claudio served in the Board of Directors of Galp Energia SGPS SA, where he was the Co -CEO.

Nicolas Dominguez-Staedke

Nicolas Dominguez-Staedke serves as Board Member of WISUKI. Former Director of Strategic Project and Planning South America in Telefonica Nicolas served as Vice President of Strategy and Business Development in Telefonica Chile. Nicolas served several years in P&G with executive roles in Cincinnati and in Frankfurt.

Maurizio Stecco

Maurizio Stecco is Partner of Strategic Advisory companies in Italy and France. Engaged in advising various development projects, especially in Italy, Russia, Serbia, France, in energy, aerospace, artificial intelligence, telecommunications, sustainable Development. Maurizio serves as Vice Chairman of the Italian-Serbian Chamber of Commerce- Belgrade, Vice Chairman of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in France – Lyon, President of the Foundation IES Italy (Rome) – Cultural Foundation. Maurizio served as Managing Director Soges Merchant, Chairman Via Advisors Corporate Finance, Executive Director S.A Convergenza. (Private Equity Fund), Managing Director and Country Chairman Dresdner Kleinwort (Investment Bank), Telecom Italy Deputy Director General for International Activities.

Innovation Board

Raffaele Perego

Raffaele Perego is a senior researcher with the Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologie dell’informazione “A. Faedo” – CNR, the largest CNR institute involved in ICT Research. He leads the High Performance Computing Laboratory located in the CNR Research Area of Pisa. His main research interests are in the area of efficient algorithms and data mining techniques for the management, analysis, synthesis, search of large amounts of data. The focus is addressing interesting, often yet unsolved problems, related to the design, implementation and deployment of information systems that scale far larger than most other systems and can effectively and efficiently provide in near real-time answers to complex queries by possibly using a limited amount of computational resources. He published more than 150 papers on these topics on peer-reviewed journals, books, and proceedings of international workshops/conferences.  Raffaele serves as Member of the Board of the PhD in Data Science of the Scuola Normale Superiore,  Coordinator (with A. Passarella) and Member of the Board of SoBigData.it,  research laboratory on Big Data of ISTI-CNR, IIT-CNR, Scuola Normale Superiore, Scuola S.Anna, IMT Lucca, Member of the Board of the PhD of I.M.T., Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca, Member of the Board of the Master in Big Data Analytics and Social Mining of the University of Pisa.

Giovanni Pau Ph. D

Giovanni Pau is the Director of the ‘Atos/Renault – The Smart Mobility Chair of Excellence’ at the Sorbonne University in Paris. Based on the concept of smart mobility, the Chair focuses on the development of on-board mobile systems with an application centered on connected vehicles. Giovanni was a Senior Research Scientist at the UCLA Computer Science Department where he still retains the position of Adjunct Professor. His research focus at UCLA has been in Network Systems focus on Wireless Networks, Vehicular Networks and pervasive mobile sensor systems, design, implementation, and performance evaluation of network protocols in highly mobile scenarios, design and development of mobile cyber-physical systems, distributed systems, including Internet information systems, replication, peer-to-peer and overlay networks, with an emphasis on mobility applications. Giovanni is Professor of Networks Programming at the Computer Science Department at the University of Bologna.

Giovanni Lombardi

Giovanni Lombardi is Professor of Aircraft Aerodynamics in the Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering and  Professor of Automotive Aerodynamics in the Department of Automotive Engineering, both part of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Pisa. He has been Head of Studies for the Master’s Degree in “Yacht Engineering” and Member of the Doctorate Council of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Pisa. He has taught the “Fluid Dynamics” module in various Master’s Degrees at other universities, and Aerodynamics courses at private companies such as Experis and Maserati Alfa-Romeo. Giovanni is Author of more than 120 scientific publications and 90 technical reports, he is also a reviewer for several international journals. Giovanni is in charge of the collaboration between the Department of Aerospace Engineering of Pisa and the CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research) in Pretoria (South Africa), in which different research activities have been developed, mainly based on experimental campaigns conducted in the transonic and supersonic wind tunnels of the CSIR. Giovanni is in charge of the Convention between the Department of Aerospace Engineering of Pisa and FERRARI S.p.A. He has been responsible for the co-operation between the University of Pisa and “Clan Des Team Challenger” for scientific support in the America’s Cup in 2007, as well as technical coordinator of the AC team “Green Comm Racing.”