Within the IoT Ecosystem Olidata wants to play a key role creating a new class of products through the integration of the best of breed in IoT middleware and IoT Platforms leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security to provide robust, secure and business wise pay-per-use solutions. To achieve this goal Olidata is targeting companies with an outstanding vision in:

  1. Data Acquisition. Effectively acquire data from the devices is one of the pillars in the IoT paradigm. The device makers market is crowded, connectivity protocols are competing for a standard and in the gateway industry there are top players that are market makers. Our focus is middleware software, with the goal to consolidate a new class of products that aim to play in IoT the same role that Android played for the smartphones.
  2. Analysis. Most of the platforms providing IoT analysis capabilities are smart dashboards with limited capabilities in providing data intelligence. Data Interoperability and Cyber Security represent the two pillars of value creation with respect to each acquisition target.
  3. Integration. Our vision is that a proper integration of enterprise applications and machine intelligence combined with a robust and open IoT platform is key to provide a unique value chain to create business vertical pay-per-use solutions.