Olidata Pioneers

The level of investment in venture capital in Europe is below average and it is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future and the fragmentation of the IoT market space in Europe represents a factor inhibiting growth and consolidation across borders.

The increasing volatility affecting financial markets has put into question the timing and the size of the market for IPOs across Europe and European investors have consistently shown a limited appetite for risk.

The tendency towards fostering a ”national champion” policy has forestalled the process of cross-borders integration across industry verticals, preventing the emergence of a true “European” player. European IoT players, too small on average, have been suffering of an endemic lack of access to financial markets for growth and international expansion.

This competitive landscape is a significant cap for the possibilities of growth of IoT European entrepreneurs creating an intrinsic competition challenge with other similar realities in US and Asia.

Olidata developed a unique affiliation model to create a family of world class entrepreneurs, “Olidata Pioneers”, envisioning a joint path for successful growth.

In our acquisition roadmap, we are engaging the most innovative and visionary small and medium size IoT companies focused on Industrial and Automotive B2B solutions with the goal to create a true IoT European player.