The overall market fragmentation of the IoT market space in Europe and its sub-standard size, limiting its capability to become an alternative target for investment vis a vis US and Chinese competitors, have contributed to build a growing consensus among investors in search for a listed vehicle capable to represent a new asset class.

In a nutshell, investors are seeking to target a new asset class to trade the  emergent IoT market space, in terms of:

  1. Above Average Growth Potential and Market Cap
  2. Multiples of EBITDA
  3. Portfolio Selection

Investors are traditionally in favor of holding stocks focused on selective growth opportunities and they tend to trade at discount conglomerates, because they can diversify their portfolios of assets in more efficient and value accretive ways.

This is why the introduction to financial markets of a pure-play IoT listed vehicle, such as Olidata, is aligned with investors expectations to profit from a growing wave of investments in the IoT asset class.

Financial Statements at 12.31.2017

Financial Statements at 12.31.2017